Do I need to back my phone up?

No, it is just like turning it off and on again. However it doesn’t hurt to do so.


What protection is given with the products?

All the precious metal pieces are professionally lacquered to help preserve the gold, extra scratch protection is given in the form of a clear coat film. The clear coat film can also be added to the matte finished designs at an extra cost.

How do I send my own phone off?

Place your device in its original or similar packaging and make sure its packed well. We are not responsible for damaged or lost products in the post.

Do you deliver out of the Country?

Yes, we deliver worldwide. Post and Packaging will be added accordingly and Creative Gold is not responsible for taxes and duty.

What are the payment methods?

Once a design is chosen, a 50% deposit is required in advance to secure your order and this can be paid either PayPal or online bank transfer.

Does this void my Apple warranty?

Yes, however a 3 month technical warranty is provided with Creative Gold from the date of the customisation/purchase. This covers any technical issues you may experience after the customisation however damaged screens or batteries are not covered. 

How long does it take?

Please allow 5-15 working days for the custom part to be made. Once this is done you can bring your device into our workshop in Hertfordshire and we can normally do on the day customisations subject to your arrival time. Alternatively you can post your device to us and have it returned with in 3-5 working days of us receiving it. If you have chosen to purchase a new device, you will receive the product typically in 10-15 working days.

What parts of the phone are customisable?

You can customize the screen, rear housing, side buttons and Apple logo

How does it work (what is the process?)

We can customize the device you already own or sell you a device already customised in the style you have chosen.